Mmagia = Magic of Meera
I'm Meera Sanghavi - a passionate fashion designer who has been designing and delivering creative Indo-Western concoctions through clothes. Born Indian, residing Californian, free-spirited global citizen.
I began my roots designing for Swarovski in India and have continued to use the different crystallized colors and motifs in my designs. Always on the hunt for creative inspirations, my work is inspired by the basic elements of practical usage, affordability, and our innate desire to be unique.

I've also showcased my work at Macy's in San Francisco, CA during their "Imagine India" fashion week.

Featured in several fashion magazines both in India and in USA. With a full production team in India, I work cross-boundaries to design and delight my global clients.  My other passions: Volunteering to teach toddlers and pre-schoolers, great food and traveling :)

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